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Sarah Barra is an illustrator and comic book artist with 7 years of experience in character design, concept art for slot video games, graphic novels, and comic books creation. With a previous background in physical therapy, she has always had a passion for creating compelling characters, recreating characters from description to give the client's vision to life, and creating the best outcome for the final product.

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Tools she uses: Primarily Clip Studio Paint EX, but can work with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere. Also works with traditional media: inks and graphite pencils.
For work inquiries, contact [email protected]
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You can contact me on different social media where I usually post art and updates.
Feel free to email me for professional work reasons at [email protected]

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Field Stopper - 2021 - Wolu Editorial

Joy is a field hockey player who wants to play in the WorldCup and follow in her mother's footsteps in being a professional hockey player. But first, she needs to join a team to go to nationals. Joining the Degu team at Avellanillo club will help her to find her path in the future alongside her friends and teammates!

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Field Stopper!!! Ch.0

Ink work - Arcagen 2021

"Paloma is looking for her estranged mother, in a city where all adults have fallen asleep. To reach her goal, she will join forces with Lechuza, a child born from a flower, and Zorzal, an abandoned cyber-soldier. Together, they will travel to the Heart of the City, to recover what was once lost."Arcagen is created by Diego Zúñiga
Story and Pencils were done by Diego Zúñiga
Inks by me
Colors by Sid Venblue
Letters by Felipe Benavides
and edition by Van Alencer

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Crownless short comics - 2022

Short funny comics about a group of outcasts trying to survive the mysterious forest while completing their individual quests.

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Wayward Jan - 2019 -

"Hi, I'm Jan.
Monsters exist and I hunt them.
Not that I like it, but I have to do it.
Also, the world is ending. What a shock!"
Jan was a normal girl until her best friend disappeared under supernatural circumstances. Now, she hunts monsters, to one day find her friend and help him get back to normal.

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Wayward Jan Comic



Juice bar brand design

Trading Card Design


Cover Art